Map Protractor

RM products makes some of the most reliable protractors for both military and civilian applications. These protractors work especially well with the hard and durable surfaces on our Expedition and Swift boards, which help you plot your routes, find your location, or call for fire using your map.



  • Fits perfectly in the Battle Board Scout
  • Flexible, yet rigid enough to use as a ruler
  • Elastic azimuth thread (Round Only)
  • Multiple sizes of scales



  • Overall Size: 5” diameter
  • Material: Clear flexible plastic
  • Military version scales: 1:25,000 / 1:50,000 / 1:100,000
  • Civilian version scales: 1:24,000 / 1:62,500 / 1:150,000
  • Weight: 0.5 oz

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