Incident Commanders, First-Due Officers, and Battalion Chiefs use Battle Boards to effectively coordinate response operations at complex incidents. Our command boards work seamlessly with any map, checklist, or ICS template to organize chaotic environments.

FiST 4.0

Pair with any standard NIMS template, map, or chart for a fully functional and mobile incident command system.

Scout 4.0

Available in a small (6" x 8") and medium (7" x 9") size option, the Scout 4.0 is a perfect companion for tracking accountability, creating checklists, and recording critical data on the scene.

New Fire Swift

After receiving an incredible amount of feedback from our fire community, we have a new updated Swift 4.0 designed around the "Passport" accountability system.

Fire & Rescue

Incident Command System

Customer Testimonials

Since we switched to Battle Board products from legal pads and whiteboards, not only are we more efficient, but we’re also more consistent. If I’m helping another Battalion, they can take my board and know exactly how everything is being tracked.

Cory K.

Fire Captain

When people from outside agencies come to check into our command post, all they have to do is show up, look at the Battle Board, and know exactly where they need to be and when. Battle Board gear is an invaluable resource for the consolidation and dissemination of mission critical information.

Jack C.

Search and Rescue Coordinator

I use several different Battle Board products for my incident commander duties I use the NOVA Incident Command worksheet under the polycarbonate and the Staedtler markers to track units and resources during fire, rescue, hazmat, and swiftwater rescue incidents. 

Justin G.

Battalion Chief

As an emergency manager with events quickly escalating, whether I'm in the field at an incident command post or in our Emergency Operations Center, I have my Battle Board FiST 4.0. The custom sheets I have developed specifically for ICS and our operations and mission quickly allow me to see what the issue is, what we are doing to mitigate it, and what outstanding needs we have. My Battle Board Fist is a crucial tool in my success in our response.

John D.

Emergency Manager

We use Battle Board to hold our preplans for fires, entry/egress, traffic, hydrants, etc. For incident command, we print maps of the incident and use the overlays for planning purposes for Operations and Planning Section Chiefs.

Charlie B.

Fire & Rescue

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