Tracking operations and controlling indirect fires are obvious uses of our classic hard-surface Battle Boards, but we're hearing of new uses from people all the time. From patrolling to TOC operations to pre-flight planning, Battle Board products facilitate every mission, daily routine, or operation.

Information at the Ready

Our armbands help facilitate patrolling and other operations where readily available information is critical. Track personnel, gear, notes, and more.

Operational Planning

Planning, executing, and learning from operations requires organization. Keeping your routes, locations, checkpoints, and more organized.

Accurate Navigation

Upgrade your mapwork to both keep from getting lost and ensure you meet the precise timelines required for military operations.

Using Battle Boards in the Field

I use my Scout as a squad leader book and land nav aid. It’s always on me for whenever I need to take notes or plan anything.


US Army

As the BDE Medical Operations Officer I track evac operations and patient tracking. I need to know where the Combat Arms BNs are to coordinate med ops.

Medical Operations Offiver

US Army

I use the SCOUT as a crew commander for an AFV. It's usually used as a place to write down contact reports and other details about the reconnaissance aspect of the job

Armored Crewman

King's Own Calgary Regiment


I use my Scout as a daily journal and organizational tool and the Expedition as a brief case and I-pad holder. I use them in the field to organize maps, rosters and other operations focused paperwork like rosters and EDL’s.

US Marine

Light Armored Reconnaissance

As an AH-64 platoon leader I use the Expedition to update battlefield graphics from CP prior to launch. Additionally I use it for backup navigation in case of GPS spoof/jam and to mark enemy locations as observed.

Helicopter Pilot

US Army


The Battle Board is ideal, durable and exactly what I need to stay organized with my map readily available and at my convenience.

Platoon Sergeant

Field Artillery (HIMARS) unit