Mobile Command

Modular, portable, and named for the needs of a Fire Support Team, the Battle Board FiST is the ultimate mobile command system.

Fight Light

When every ounce you carry needs to serve a purpose our Fight Light collection steps up to the plate. Keep track of today's dynamic battlefield while constantly on the move.

Land Navigation

Maintain mission readiness using traditional land navigation skills with gear designed to be operational in the harshest conditions.

When creating search areas to deploy ground teams to, it is helpful to be able to have that map outlined with search areas, and annotate on them if the search team located any clues, or if the area was cleared with no results. That helps determine probability of detection and search success. While it can be done on a computer, in the field that isn't practical.

Tim J.

11A, US Army

The Battle Board is the best way to maintain current operations battle tracking and planning efforts. Battle Board makes it easy to transition into briefings in training and tactical environments. This enables you to maintain your cool in the stress of a command post because your products and tools are all at hand.

Anthony B.

3rd Infantry Division, US Army

My Battle Board FiST is the perfect tool in helping me battle track while running the Fire Direction Center for my platoon. I also use it to track training and statistics for when we have drill or annual training periods.

Patrick H.

Mortar Section, US National Guard

I have used Battle Board gear at combat training centers and while deployed to the CENTCOM AOR. The equipment has been fantastic and allows me to focus on the important issues with my job.

Dan R.

Intelligence Officer, US Navy

Battle Board gear has been essential for tracking air assets, ground assets, fire support missions, logistics, Comms, parameter security, routes, objectives, and more. It is the most universally functional command system that I have ever seen.

Cory K.

JTAC, US Marine Corps