Note Taking

This compact notebook case is the perfect companion in the briefing room or on the scene. Track personnel, gear, evidence notes, and more.

Operational Planning

From planning to recording information on a scene, keeping your data organized and easy to access ensures that everyone remains on the same page.

Writing Gear

Upgrade your writing gear with notebooks designed around the needs of law enforcement officers and pens/pencils that will never fail.

LE Video Series

Marcus and Nate walk through realistic scenarios in our series of videos created in partnership with CATO.

Customer Testimonials

Using my Battle Board Scout has made all of the difference in times of civil unrest. It is incredibly helpful to be able quickly slide my maps into the clear cover and put marks on streets and buildings in an area I may not be as familiar with.

Alex P.

Ohio State Highway Patrol

When people from outside agencies come to check into our command post, all they have to do is show up, look at the Battle Board, and know exactly where they need to be and when. Battle Board gear is an invaluable resource for the consolidation and dissemination of mission critical information.

Jack C.

Search and Rescue Coordinator

Using Battle Boards has changed the way we do our briefings. Being able to have everyone know exactly what they are supposed to do is what makes them successful.

Joshua Bartlett

SWAT Sergeant, TX

As an emergency manager with events quickly escalating, whether I'm in the field at an incident command post or in our Emergency Operations Center, I have my Battle Board FiST 4.0. The custom sheets I have developed specifically for ICS and our operations and mission quickly allow me to see what the issue is, what we are doing to mitigate it, and what outstanding needs we have. My Battle Board Fist is a crucial tool in my success in our response.

John D.

Emergency Manager

I prefer the Battle Board system for its versatility as I can switch out templates based on the event. I have used the board for large scale urban wildfires, LE patrol calls, SWAT events and protest response.

Marcus S.

Police Lieutenant

I work marine patrol for the Sheriffs department in my county and use the Battle Board Swift 4.0 as my clipboard. The waterproof map pouches hold all of my reference materials and the pocket has all of my forms and ticket book. 


Marine Patrol and Water Rescue Unit

Law Enforcement


Law Enforcement

Scenario Videos

Marcus and Nate walk through realistic scenarios in our series of videos created in partnership with CATO.

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