A FiST (Fire Support Team) controls the indirect fire whizzing over the complex battlefield. They refer to multiple maps, templates, and reports to manage the chaotic environment filled with artillery, bombs, and mortars to support the troops on the ground. Likewise, firefighters and public safety officials use both a map and a template at once,in hence the need for two surfaces. Find the configuration that works the best for your mission.

The Battle Board FiST comprises the Expedition and the Swift - a system designed to provide two writing and display surfaces as well as one internal storage compartment. The two boards link together using the opposing loops and straps of our patented quick-change system. Choose from one of our bundles that include waterproof map pouches, overlays, and more or the FiST board only.

Battle Board

Download our system guide for the Swift, Expedition, and FiST boards for an expansive understanding of how the modular components and accessories work together.

FiST Collection