Do you have questions about Battle Boards? We have some commonly asked questions with answers listed below.


1. What comes with a package?

Making any of our boards into a package completes the Battle Board system and reduces the price of purchasing the board and accessories separately. Each of our Battle Boards and accessories work together to protect maps and templates from the elements and to simplify your life through organization. Each package includes a waterproof map pouch for each surface (therefore, a FiST package comes with two map pouches), a protective cover, and an accessory pack that work as a system to protect the board and contents from water, dust, and abrasions. 

2. What are the differences between each of the Battle Board models?

We've created a table to help explain some of the main differences between each of the Battle Boards. Take a look at the one-pager here.


3. Do you have a NSN for the boards?

We don't have an NSN at this time, but units and organizations have several routes for placing an order. You can send us an email with the number and type of boards you're looking to order as well as the shipping address, and we'll send you a charge authorization to sign. For larger orders, we're able to submit a bid on FedBid, the government procurement platform as well as invoices through iRAPT on DFAS.mil.


4. Why polycarbonate instead of Plexiglas

Our abrasion resistant polycarbonate surfaces provide the highest level of protection while retaining the best features of the plastic family of materials. They are virtually unbreakable and are self-extinguishing when set on fire. The abrasion resistant coating helps keep them in great condition for a longer life-cycle, and through the toughness of polycarbonate, our boards can even withstand being crushed by a vehicle and keep on performing. 

Plexiglas (acrylic) on the other hand will shatter when bent and can easily burn with an open flame. It also yellows much faster in the sunlight. If you're looking to make your own battle board, we strongly suggest using polycarbonate instead of Plexiglass.

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