Do you have questions about Battle Boards? We have some commonly asked questions with answers listed below.


1. What's your return policy?

We want you to be fully satisfied with your purchase. If you're not satisfied or you want to exchange your Battle Board for a different size or color, or you want to return it altogether, we are happy to help. Start your free exchange or return here.
If you placed an order on accident and it hasn't shipped, please contact us and we will issue the refund prior to fulfillment.


2. What is included in the $10 shipping and how quickly will my order ship?

Our standard shipping for $10 shipping applies to all orders up to 10 lbs. We also offer the option of First Class shipping for orders under 13 oz.

Most of our orders ship within a couple of business days. Sometimes our order volume pushes us beyond that goal, but we try to keep this to a minimum. Larger unit order can take up to one week to ship based on added packaging and address requirements.


3. What comes with a package?

Making any of our boards into a package completes the Battle Board system and reduces the price of purchasing the board and accessories separately. Each of our Battle Boards and accessories work together to protect maps and templates from the elements and to simplify your life through organization. Each package includes a waterproof map pouch for each surface (therefore, a FiST package comes with two map pouches), a protective cover, a Staedtler permanent marker, and an accessory pack that work as a system to protect the board and contents from water, dust, and abrasions. 

4. What are the differences between each of the Battle Board models?

We've created a page to help explain some of the main differences between each of the Battle Boards. Take a look here.


5. Do you have NSNs for the boards?

We don't have NSNs at this time, but units and organizations have several routes for placing an order. Please check our Government page for options.


6. Why polycarbonate instead of Plexiglas

Our abrasion resistant polycarbonate surfaces provide the highest level of protection while retaining the best features of the plastic family of materials. They are virtually unbreakable and are self-extinguishing when set on fire. The abrasion resistant coating helps keep them in great condition for a longer life-cycle, and through the toughness of polycarbonate, our boards can even withstand being crushed by a vehicle and keep on performing. 

Plexiglas (acrylic) on the other hand will shatter when bent and can easily burn with an open flame. It also yellows much faster in the sunlight. If you're looking to make your own battle board, we strongly suggest using polycarbonate instead of Plexiglass.

7. Do different sized boards fit together?

Yes. All of our Battle Boards, except for the Scout, are designed to be both modular and expandable. The 12x16 loops and straps have the same spacing as the 10x12, which makes the Expedition and the Swift compatible with each other for both sizes. Here's a photo that helps illustrate one configuration. 

Swift and Expedition boards are limited to a two-board configuration when paired together or with two of the same type, but adding one or more Leaf Battle Boards to a rigid Swift or Expedition enables limitless configurations.

8. Replacement Polycarbonate

We offer replacement polycarbonate by request only, at this time. Please contact us for more information.






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