Light My Fire Tinder On A Rope

The ultimate and natural way to start a fire in any weather. Don't use harmful chemicals with noxious fumes to start your fire! These tinder starters are made of stumps from cultivated pine (fatwood) from the highlands of Guatemala and Mexico. With their 80% resin content, our tinder starters are extremely easy to light and work even when wet since it is the resin (oil) that burns not the wood. They burn long and hot and they are the perfect companion to the FireSteel Army 2.0.


  • Easy to light, even when wet
  • All natural and environmentally-friendly fire starter
  • Produces a hot flame - up to 80% resin content
  • Handy cord attaches to belt or backpack - scrape and carve tinder when you need it


  • Material: Pinus Montezumae (fatwood) stumps
  • Dimensions: ~5.9” X 0.9” X 0.9”
  • Weight: 1.8-2.5 oz

Collections: Accessories, EDC

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