Battle Board FiST 4.0 in Coyote, Open with Maps and Charts
Battle Board FiST 4.0 in Coyote, Closed with straps
Battle Board FiST 4.0 in Coyote, Closed with pens and straps
Battle Board FiST 4.0 in Black, Open with Maps and Charts. Law Enforcement
Battle Board FiST 4.0 in Olive, Closed with straps
FiST 4.0 - Medium
Battle Board FiST 4.0 in Black MultiCam, Closed with straps
Battle Board FiST 4.0 in MultiCam, Open with Maps and Charts
Battle Board FiST 4.0 in Red, Open from the back. Fire & Rescue
Battle Board FiST 4.0 in MultiCam Arid, Open from the back
Battle Board FiST 4.0 in M81 Woodland, Open from the back
Battle Board FiST 4.0 in MultiCam Tropic, Open from the back
FiST 4.0 - Medium
FiST 4.0 - Medium
Battle Board FiST 4.0 in MultiCam separate w/ Essentials bundle
FiST 4.0 - Medium
FiST 4.0 - Medium

FiST 4.0 - Medium

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    Ranger Green just launched!

    Our best selling and most functional system

    A FiST (Fire Support Team) controls the indirect fire whizzing over the complex battlefield. They refer to multiple maps, templates, and reports to manage the chaotic environment filled with artillery, bombs, and mortars to support the troops on the ground. Oftentimes, FiSTers use both a map and a battle tracking template at once, hence the need for two surfaces. Find the configuration that works the best for your mission.

    Battle Boards are designed as stand-alone tools, but also as components of modular and expandable systems. The Battle Board FiST 4.0 comprises the Expedition 4.0 and the Swift 4.0 - a system designed to provide two writing and display surfaces as well as one internal storage compartment. The two boards link together using the opposing loops and straps of our quick-change system. These features come standard with every board and enable you to mix and match any size (10x12 or 12x16) and any type (Expedition or Swift) to create the setup you prefer.

    The key to our patented design comes from the set of dimensions common between sizes and types of Battle Boards. For example, just as the FiST comprises two boards of the same size, the Expedition and the Swift, you could also easily make one of these combinations:

    • (1) Swift 12x16 linked to (1) Swift 10x12
    • (2) Expedition boards linked together
    • (1) Expedition 12x16 linked to (1) Swift 10x12

    New Capabilities

    • Lighter and more capable than any previous design
    • Prop open Expedition lid with included 550 cord and cordloc
    • Set up Expedition as a binder with overlay sheets and hole-punched paper
    • Pair with an optional clipboard and three-ring binder
    • Ambidextrous single-hand use
    • Expanded outer pockets


    • Land navigation aid
    • Operations & fire support planning
    • Checklist display
    • Indirect fire support planning and execution
    • Mobile analog battle tracking platform


    • Abrasion-resistant polycarbonate - the same coating applied to ballistic windows and eyewear
    • More Internal storage compartments on the Expedition and a secondary polycarbonate display
    • Outer pockets with pen retention strip
    • Elastic pen loops on each side
    • Semi-rigid handles that stay open and ready
    • Laser-cut MOLLE attachment points
    • Ambidextrous palm-straps


    • 500d CORDURA nylon fabric - tight durable weave that has a tough yet soft feel
    • Unbreakable polycarbonate with abrasion-resistant coating - used to make the surface harder and less prone to scratches
    • Durable™ DOT® snaps - rugged brass for high-cycle and frequent usage
    • High-quality YKK zippers

    Bundle accessories for a discount (full bundle contents table below)

    • Essentials Bundle: Gives you just enough to operate in any climate and in any weather.
    • Plus Bundle: Step up your game with overlay sheets to disseminate plans and routes to your team, strap your board to nearly anything you can think of with the accessory pack, and an expanded writing kit.
    • Premium Bundle: This workhorse does it all. All the tools you need to track, plan, brief, and accomplish your goals, a repair kit for when things get rough, and a writing implement for any task.

    Ring binders, sheet protectors, and clipboards for the FiST and Expedition bundles will ship separately when they become available in the next few weeks. 

    Color Combinations

    External Color

    Internal Color (Expedition)

    Trim Color













    MultiCam® Arid



    MultiCam® Tropic



    MultiCam® Black



    Woodland M81 Camo





    Outer dimensions (when folded together)

    10” x 12” x 3”

    Outer dimensions (when unfolded to display surfaces)

    20” x 12” x 1”

    Map display (1:50,000)

    12 km x 15 km (each surface)

    Paper display size

    Letter / A4

    Internal configuration on Expedition

    7”x11” Internal display

    Two 6”x7” mesh pouches

    Two 9”x12” file pockets


    Board Only




    2 lb 11 oz

    3 lb 12 oz

    4 lb 3 oz

    5 lb 4 oz

    Compare Bundles






    SWIFT 4.0

    3-ring binder insert

    Clip-board insert

    Waterproof Map Pouch

    Protective Cover

    Lumocolor - Fine

    Accessory Pack 2.0

    (3) Overlay Sheets

    Grease Pencil 3-pk

    Clear Correction Pen

    Sheet Protectors 30-pack

    Snap Fastener Kit

    Lumocolor Special - Superfine

    Lumocolor - Broad Chisel 4-PK

    Lumocolor - Non Perm/Fine/4-PK

    Shipping & Carrying Pouch

    Patent #: US010736404

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      5. Why polycarbonate instead of Plexiglas

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      Plexiglas (acrylic) on the other hand will shatter when bent and can easily burn with an open flame. It also yellows much faster in the sunlight. If you're looking to make your own battle board, we strongly suggest using polycarbonate instead of Plexiglass.

      6. Do different sized boards fit together?

      Yes. All of our Battle Boards, except for the Scout, are designed to be both modular and expandable. The 12" x 16" size boards have loops and straps that are the same spacing as the 10" x 12" boards, which makes the Expedition and the Swift compatible with each other for both sizes. Here's a photo that helps illustrate one configuration. 
      Swift and Expedition boards are limited to a two-board configuration when paired together or with two of the same type, but adding one or more Leaf Battle Boards to a rigid Swift or Expedition enables limitless configurations.
      Leaf boards are designed to link together in a grid pattern, enabling them to me used in a CP or COC as a battle tracking wall.


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