Designed, sourced, and made here


We started Battle Board in 2016 and initially manufactured overseas, but things changed. Quality control was difficult and communicating our complicated designs and techniques limited what we could do. Our overseas partners are good people, but their governments are not.

Fast forward to 2019. Battle Board had grown exponentially and we were getting a lot of feedback that people wanted to see items made here in the US. We agreed, and with the right partners and equipment as well as a hefty SBA loan, we started releasing products made in our workshop. Our Kern 150 watt 120" x 60" laser became the workhorse and mainstay of our operation and continues to cut and engrave our patterns with precision.

Expanding meant taking over more space as well and as each tenant moved out of the building we initially leased, we took their space (after convincing our landlord we would lock him in a pillory if he didn't give us the space instead of a new non-profit).

The greatest benefit to making our own products has been the ability to implement improvements immediately and not wait a year for the next cycle overseas. We're excited to work with US companies to source materials made in America and then build it all here in our workshop.

It costs more, but it's worth it. Join our effort and support businesses that make their products in the USA. We still source some items from Germany, Italy, China, Taiwan, and Thailand, but only when not available domestically. Don't let the coming zombie apocalypse catch you with your pants down, buy American (you get the drift).

All of our stuff made here