US Patriot Tactical - Fort Leonard Wood

Check out a Battle Board at US Patriot Tactical

The US Patriot Tactical Store at Ft. Leonard Wood is carrying our gear.

Ever wanted to get your hands on a product before buying it? Now's your chance. USPT is carrying a selection of our gear - but in limited quantities. So, you'll want to get over there fast and get your hands on them first. 

You'll find our products over by their Rite In The Rain collection.

Here's the gear line up:

Scout - One of our best selling products ever. Available in two sizes: Small and Medium.  The small fits a standard Rite in The Rain notebook perfectly and the medium will fit anything from a green leader book to a Moleskine notebook.

Leaf - Lightweight, simple, durable. This lightweight map holder is ideal for dismounted ops when moving fast and light is optimal. With no frills present, this board is all about functionality. The thin abrasion-resistant polycarbonate display lets you plot fire missions, schemes of maneuver, operations plans and more without destroying your map.

Swift - Our most popular 'board' the Swift uses a quick-snap system to easily swap out maps or reports on the move. The abrasion-resistant polycarbonate is thick and will stand years of abuse in austere environments. There's also a zippered pouch on the back to store pens, protractors, or other light accessories. 

The Leaf and Swift our modular and can be easily attached to one another to give you multiple writing surfaces in a fast and light loadout. 


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