Production Status - April 2023

Thanks for your continued support for Battle Board. We've successfully moved to Oakland Park, Florida, and we're rebuilding our production capacity. We're excited to keep growing in a new location and each week that passes allows us to expand our inventory, organize our new facility, and train new team members.

It's been challenging to uproot everything, but three team members moved with us from DC to Florida, so that's been a tremendous help and boost to our rebuilding phase. We've already found several sewers and other team members get the ball rolling smoothly again. 

The in-person Battle Board Experiences are getting closer to reality as well. Those dates will be solidified in the next couple of months and we plan to hold them in July and August. Learn more about the events here. It's a way for us to meet new people, make better friends, and raise money for our move. I hope you'll join us.

Check back soon if you're looking for something that we've run out of since we're trying to restock a few of each of our popular items all at once so everyone has an opportunity to get Battle Board gear soon.

Feel free to email any questions you have about timing, current stock, or our upcoming move and thank you for your continued support as we start this next chapter. 

So, help us by ordering our limited stock and reserving your spot in one of our summer experiences!

Daniel Kapavik

Battle Board Founder


  • Vera

    Letters entwine, minds engage, language delights. Word games kindle intellect, inspire joy, forging lasting connections. Enjoy!

  • Mart

    Experience the excitement of Monkey Mart! Run a lively store, serve quirky customers, and solve engaging puzzles in this delightful and rewarding game.

  • Edward

    Phrazle game: Engaging word puzzles, boosting language skills, and providing endless entertainment for word enthusiasts of all ages.

  • Bryan Grimsley

    Are the chest sixes correct on the Zombie shirts? Medium just goes up to 37” and Large starts at 42” (a 5” gap)

  • Jake

    What is your estimated stocking date for the Coyote Battle Board 4.0 – Medium?

    I have been checking regularly to secure one before a PCS and work-up. Need to know if I should just choose an alternative model/color.

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