Battle Board Introduces New Morale Patch

Ever hit a situation so F'ed that the only possible way to describe it was as a giant bag of dicks? 

Well, we have a solution for you. This fully Made In The USA morale patch is sure to turn heads and have your buddies salivating.

"This sort of thing is my bag, baby."
- Austin Power

In a world where there are not enough morale patches to go around, we've repurposed our production facilities to ensure that all first responders, military, and law enforcement personnel have access to these life-changing pieces of "flair".

Laser-cut from 500D CORDURA® fabric bonded to hook-velcro, we can churn these babies out fast enough to keep up with worldwide demands. 

Launch Date: April 1st, 2020


(While this is intended as an April Fools Joke... They are actually available for purchase!)


  • Size: 2" X 3"

  • Weight: 0.5 ounces

  • Materials: 500D CORDURA®, Hook Velcro

  • Origin: Fully Made In The USA


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