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This bundle combines everything a Team Leader needs to keep track of their missions into one lightweight package. The flexible and durable Scout boasts the same abrasion resistant coating on the polycarbonate as our larger Battle Boards and the durable Rite-In-The-Rain notebook keeps your critical notes safe in any weather.


  • Combines our Scout, a Loksak to waterproof a map in the front cover, a Rite-In-The-Rain Stapled Notebook, Map Marker, Correction Pen, and Wrist Compass into one easy and affordable bundle
  • Protective polycarbonate sleeve for displaying maps and checklists
  • Notebook sleeve for your Rite-In-The-Rain notebook
  • Mesh pocket keeps your protractor and other loose items organized
  • Rite in the Rain Stapled Notebook for durablility in all-weather
  • Universal grid pattern makes sector sketches and field planning a breeze
  • Use the alcohol marker on the polycarbonate sleeve to quickly fill in reports or as a map overlay
  • Wrist compass offers easy to read hands free navigation
  • The whole kit fits into your cargo pocket when you’re on the move


  • Daily mission planner and checklists display
  • Operations & fire support planning
  • Land navigation
  • Admin supplies organizer

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