Lumocolor® Comparison from most durable to simplest to remove from surface:

  • Permanent Markers
    • Universal markers that write especially well on the abrasion resistant polycarbonate surfaces of the Scout, Leaf, Swift, & Expedition
    • Alcohol-based inks removed by correction pen, hand sanitizer, or alcohol prep pads
  • Special markers
    • Optimal performance on abrasion resistant polycarbonate (the only type used on Battle Boards)
    • For many special applications such as coated surfaces, nano coatings, optical glass, laboratory glass
    • Removable using correction pen, hand sanitizer, or alcohol prep pads
  • Non-permanent Markers
    • Removable with a little elbow grease or wet cloth
    • Remains on a surface better than expo markers, but not as permanent as the first two marker categories on this list.
  • Correctable Markers
    • Similar to dry erase markers, but with a finer tip
    • Felt opposite end provides built-in eraser.
    • Will wipe off easily with any touch


*Note, do not write on the Waterproof Map Pouch as most inks cannot be removed completely

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