Fall 2018 Gear Guide

Fall 2018 Gear Guide

Check out what’s new for our Fall 2018 lineup:

We’ve been hard at work this summer designing and sourcing some awesome new products. You’ll find updated FiST bundles, new accessories for your Battle Board, more Rite in the Rain notebooks, as well as some of the most talked about everyday carry gear that can go with you everywhere (well, everywhere but on planes - don’t take knives or firestarters onto a plane - unless you’re an air marshall, then do you).

New From Battle Board

Updated FiST Bundles

We’ve thrown all of our best eggs into the same basket with the new FiST Bundles. Now, you can get all of our best accessories and your Battle Board FiST in the same place. Choose from our Essentials, Plus, or Premium bundles.

Essentials gives you an expedition, swift, waterproof map pouches, a protective cover, and a Staedtler Lumocolor pen.

Plus throws in everything in the Essentials, grease pencil 3-pack, and three of our best selling new overlay sheets.

Premium gives you the kitchen sink. You get an Expedition, Swift, AND a Leaf, our 14 pack writing kit, 3 overlay sheets, our new Accessory Pack 2.0 to attach your board anywhere, and a snap fastner kit so you can repair your board should anything go wrong when you’re in the field fighting wildland fire or on long isolated deployments.

Check Them Out Here

Overlay Sheets

A lot of people had been asking for overlay sheets, so we set to work designing a lightweight, tough, and precisely engineered sheet to tightly snap on top of your polycarbonate board.


Now you can use our crystal clear overlay sheets to share mission plans with your team, protect your polycarbonate, and create the most complex of fire plans all for $9.95 for the 10” X 12” and $11.95 for the 12” X 16” (comes in packs of 3).

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Accessory Pack 2.0

With the new Accessory Pack 2.0, you can attach your boards while you’re in the TC seat, riding in a turret, or to handlebars, steering wheels, or anywhere else you can think of! We also threw in our popular accessory clips for keeping your stack of reports in place, and a durable wrist compass.

You get mini-carabiners, handlebar straps, large elastic straps, mini-elastic straps, accessory clip 4-pack, a wrist compass, and a strip of loop tape, all for $12.95. Comes in Coyote and Black.

Great New Everyday Gear


VSSL Supplies Cache - Suunto Edition

Imagine having a survival kit with everything you need that fits in your hand. That’s the VSSL (‘Vessel’) Supplies Cache. Inside you’ll find an abundance of survival gear that fits into a durable and waterproof mil-spec anodized aluminum cylinder. On one end you get an ANSI certified impact resistant LED lantern with four modes: low, high, S O S, and red. On the other you get the best in class precision, liquid filled sapphire bearing, Suunto KB-14 compass.

Inside is a treasure trove of compact survival gear:

  • 6 hour pure Canadian beeswax candle
  • Razor blade
  • 6 Aquatabs® water purification tablets. Purify up to 3 gallons (each tab purifies up to 2 liters, depending on water quality)
  • Wire saw (high tensile, 60lb working strength with handle straps)
  • Aluminum beadless emergency whistle
  • Waterproof matches
  • Tinder Quik® fire starters
  • Fishing Gear
  • Signalling Mirror
  • 25' of marine grade rope (250lb breaking strength)
  • Reflective trail markers
  • P38 military GI Type can opener
  • First aid supplies
  • VSSL priorities of survival and instructions

At only 18 ounces for the whole kit you’ll have a hard time justifying leaving this essential tool at home.

VSSL Supplies SUUNTO Compass in Black $142.95
VSSL Supplies Standard Compass in Silver $99.95

Zootility RNGR ST-2

An all new innovation in knife design. The ST-2 is the thinnest pocket knife out there. By removing screws and bolts Zootility made this ultra-thin ultra-lightweight knife that conveniently fits everywhere. Wear it as your daily carry or a hidden backup in your kit for when SHTF.

Using 440C stainless steel this premium blade will take years of whatever abuse you can think of. The ST-2 Clip lets you attach the knife to your pocket, shirt, or running shorts.

If you’re like me and have a tendency to get to the front of the TSA line and realize you left a pocket knife in your pack from a previous adventure, you can simply remove and forfeit the blade then get a replacement when you’re back from your trip.

Coming in at 1.4 ounces you’ll have no excuses for not packing this knife with you every day.

Firebiner by Outdoor Elements

A survival carabiner that you should carry everyday.  Use it to keep keys, knives, and other essentials handy. With the build in EverSpark spark wheel you can reliably start a fire, or light a canister stove. This 1 ounce titanium coated carabiner is loaded with extra features like a built in safety blade to cut 550 cord or fishing line. You get a screwdriver tip, bottle opener, and hang slots to customize your carabiner however you want.

Did we mention it has a bottle opener?

Available in black or silver. $14.95

Titanium Spork by Light My Fire

This is the cadillac of sporks - and who doesn’t need a spork?
Made from aircraft grade titanium this little guy will last for the long haul and at 0.7 ounces you’ll barely even notice that it is along for the ride. Gone will be the days of having your plastic spoon snap two days into a weeklong mission (because you all strip down your rations… right?).

You get a spoon-fork-knife combo with a serrated edge on one side.  This little guy should always be in your assault pack. $16.95

View The Rest Of Our New Everyday Carry Gear!

The Notebooks You Rely On

We’ve expanded our collection of Rite in the Rain products this fall to include more notebooks, a sweet all-weather pen, and literally the last pencil you’ll ever have to (or want to) buy. These notebooks are designed to take every kind of abuse you can dish out which is why they are the go-to writing solution for combat units, firefighters, law enforcement, and field researchers.

Spiral Bound

This tough polydura covered notebook is a perfect pairing for your everyday workbook needs. The spiral wire-o binding allows it to lay flat when taking notes and fits snugly in your Scout. $6.95 each

Staple Bound 3-Pack

The staple bound notebook is your affordable, compact, go anywhere, do anything, durable writing solution. At only $14.25 for a three pack these all-weather notebooks protect your notes and your wallet.

Bound Fieldbook

Hands down the most popular all-weather notebook out there. You’ll find these in the hands of operators in every austere environment on the globe. The reason for that? These are tough, reliable, and with 160 pages you get months of note taking and mission planning. $15.95

Dark Earth All-Weather Pen

Upgrade from your standard black pen with the new flat dark earth all-weather pen. The most reliable pen out there, you can use this in nearly every environment, write from any angle, and in temperatures ranging from -30F to 250F (though we haven’t ourselves tested out that upper limit claim). $16.95

Mechanical Pencil

Write reliably in any weather. This mechanical pencil uses thick 1.1mm lead and an expandable tip so your lead won’t wobble, twist, or fall out in the field. Made from a tough resin barrel this pencil might just be the last one you ever need to buy. $10.95

Coming Soon…

Keep an eye out this fall for new colors and larger sizes of the Scout and other exciting new releases.



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